Elements Needed For Music Industry Success


Succeeding in the music industry takes a lot of dedication. You have to leave everything else behind, because it’s time-consuming. The first think successful artists need is talent and practice. Music is very subjective, but we can quickly tell if something has quality or not, if it’s serious or not. The problem is that the industry of music evolves very quickly. Technology is connected to music – it affects the way music sounds, the way it’s being sold, there are musical styles that are coming back from the past, become interesting once again, although the technology is nowadays better.

Thirty years ago, you had to get your songs on the radio first. To get them there, they had to be recorded, which cost a lot back then. Today, recording a track on your computer with a professional music program is basically free. This is just one aspect of the ever-changing music industry. Another important part of the industry is the medium, which contains the music that is being sold. After vinyls, tapes, cassettes, disks and CDs, the medium for music today is the internet. The internet is where most artists promote their music, their concerts, that’s where they personally communicate with their fans they announce new material or any other band-related news and so on. So the internet provides everything for artists in the music industry. It helps them to be more independant, because they hold more power in their hands, whereas in the past, music labels had that role. The labels used to be the intermediate between the band and the listeners. The labels managed the tours, the release of new music, the pay rate for their clients. That was bad for the artists because they were often getting ripped off.

The HBO show Vinyl centres around that era, focusing on a big label and we can see, how true events inspired these injustices. Especially in the slavery times, African-Americans had a tough way getting on top in the music industry, given the era. Today, that is no longer the case as most artists are their own boss and even if they still are on a music label, the artistic freedom and negotiations are not a problem for clients. It’s clear that business and bosses were and in some ways still are very important in the music industry. You don’t imagine the Beatles having problems with their bosses or each other, even though stories have surfaced to the public eye, showing us the reality.

Building a fanbase on the internet is crucial for beginner artists. Putting out your music for free will start a good relationship with people- they won’t buy something they’ve never heard before. People can pay for their music to be promoted globally and if it’s good, it will travel on its own. That’s the good thing about internet – it’s everywhere at all times, so you don’t have to go to Japan for someone from over there to hear your music. Being relatable to your fans is important- they are the true judge of your work because they will only follow you for a long time if you keep surprising them with your material. They don’t want to hear ten different versions of the same album.


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