Vocal training

  • You just have to know how to listen and look for the various sounds your voice can make. Sopranos and tenors have a stronger voice than mezzos and basses. Each has its own uniqueness in singing and emitting sounds.

Also one major element is the technique that you have been using while practicing singing, ensure you are comfortable while singing because that makes a lot of difference on how well we can concentrate on singing, pay attention too, and you can be your own judge. Try recording your own voice while singing a song that has all the notes, and listen to your voice the way it sounds, and where it sounds the best on low pitch or high pitch, also it takes a lot of vocal energy or power to expand your lungs on a particular note, you wouldn’t want that note to repeat constantly as that will make you use all your power and feel exhausted.

Music-IC how to sing better.

Try to spot the space or tone in which your voice is sweet or sounds amazing to listen, then focus and train on that particular form of singing where you can improve, and what it takes to sound better each time you practice. Try to record the same song few times and listen to your voice that way you will notice whether, you are doing well or need professional help. With a little help and training from a trained singer you can learn faster and effective progress actually motivates you to sing better each day.

On days when you cannot make it to your music classes ,it helps if you can get a CD of the song that you have been practicing, and try to sing along a few times, this helps us to know when to stop when to sing in high pitch and when to go low. Try to pick a song which has a gentle music and focuses on the song and the words so that you can pick the right words while practicing. Don’t forget your breathing pattern plays a significant role too. Every day you must practice your breathing exercises like a routine you need to take a few minutes to sit and relax and concentrate on the way your breathe while singing, this will take more than a couple of weeks, so don’t loosen up stay focused .To help you get acquainted with the breathing techniques here is a small exercise that you can train yourself on and improve your vocal training.


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